Getting Stuck at Choosing College Major

Have you ever been questioning, are you gonna choose the right major? is it the right campus? what will happen after you graduate? will it be easier for me? Well… you’re not alone and sometimes I am stuck where I find myself still questioning those questions.

Knowing the purpose of your decision

Picking one over a bunch of majors that I love, means sacrifice comes along. It’s hard for young teenagers like us to decide and stick with one option. Because not all of our mind had the advantages to be able to make a good decision either. So, to choose the right option, you need guidance. You do need justification, whether what you want relevant to who you are. As a start to help you know yourself better is to try to take an online aptitude interest test. Suits the result with what you’re going after. Is it truly you? Will it define yourself? Is it the right option that helps you achieve your goals? You had your answers.

Bits of advice, seek suggestions from your relatives, friends, teachers, or your community to help you convince yourselves upon the option you’re going to commit with. But also, it is okay to not agree with what they say right away. Sometimes you also need time to configure their advice too, I mean thinking about if what they said is true. But… if it is too hard to handle, seek for professional such as a psychologist to guide you better.

Keep in mind, when you find yourself turning directions on the major you wanna take, question yourself with ‘why’. Why would you take that one than the other option, what benefits you’ll reap if you pick the major and the campus? How’s the prospect after graduate? at least, it’ll help you understand better. And that’s why we need early preparation for these steps.

So.. how to deal with it?

And here I am, about to help you breakdown the strategy in choosing your major and campus-based on what I’ve done. First thing first, you have to list all the majors you wanna take, then start taking a personality to the interest aptitude test, and after that, align and try to match the list of majors that suit who you are.

Next step, you should explore more about the major and the campus. We’re living in a digital era, where resources are easy to get, SOOO.. surf yourself on the internet, searching for related information about the major and the campus itself and if you have any closest friends, or relatives or alumni that are on the same major and or campus you wanna take, you can start by asking them how are the environments, study cultures, social circumstances, what methods fit the best for studying there, etc. *this one is a big bonus.

Take notes on key highlights of what you get such as, the plus and minus of the major, where’s the best campus for it, what’s the major prospect, how is the curriculum structured, when will the registration start, how much is the tuition fee, how’s the environment on the campus, and the class itself.

I suggest, gather as much as information you could get, and if you are still left hanging in between two options between major and campus, create a table for comparing each option, pick the one that suits who you are and who you want to become.

Thank you for reading, I wish it helps you🙋‍♂️. If you have any response, critics, or advice on my writing, I’m a DM-anyway @jaxelino. Cheers!